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Join our Beta 5.0 test group and SAVE $250 on the cost of treatment!
Join our Beta 5.0 test group and SAVE $250 on the cost of treatment!

Snoring can be a danger sign


The article discusses the misconception that snoring is a normal sign of sound sleep, which is prevalent in Nepal. Snoring is often considered a trivial issue, but the article emphasizes that it can be a distress signal indicating potential breathing problems. While many people snore occasionally due to transient airway blockages during sleep, persistent snoring can be associated with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), a serious medical condition.

Snoring occurs when the muscles in the throat become flaccid during sleep, leading to airway collapse and temporary breathing interruptions. OSA is characterized by frequent episodes of these interruptions throughout the night, resulting in disrupted sleep patterns and health issues. The causes of OSA include obesity, enlarged tonsils, nasal deformities, alcohol and sedative consumption, and smoking.

The article highlights the negative impacts of OSA, including daytime sleepiness, poor concentration, reduced libido, and even developmental problems in children like attention deficit disorder and poor academic performance. The importance of recognizing the signs and symptoms of OSA, especially in children, is stressed, as parents often overlook these issues.

Managing OSA involves lifestyle changes like weight reduction, sleeping in lateral positions, avoiding alcohol and sedatives before sleep, and seeking early medical attention for proper diagnosis and treatment. The article underscores that snoring should not be dismissed as a harmless occurrence but should be evaluated by medical professionals to prevent serious complications like cardiovascular disorders and hypertension.

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